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Elevating Fire Protection

Fully functional fire extinguishers and fire blankets to keep in plain view, instantly accessible, when second counts.

This is the story of boring everyday objects becoming home décor talking points and clever thoughtful gifts!


Thousands of 5-STAR Reviews


Katie R.

In plain view

The perfect size to leave out on my kitchen counter.  Never to be hidden in the pantry again!

Terry L.

Unique Housewarming Gift!

I was looking for a unique housewarming gift for friends when I came across your site. I bought them the Wine and they love it! Such a fun and useful gift and looks great on their kitchen counter. You are my new go to source for gifts for friends!

Johan V.

Perfect safe decor

I love having the safety of these fire extinguishers without the intrusive red ugliness normally associated with one. They are actually both decorative, and clearly marked and functional. Love them. Will buy a copper one too, to compliment my kitchen.

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