About us


"We all need one, why not an extinguisher that looks beautiful?". That's where it all started.  Fire extinguishers are unpopular, often relegated to the darkest corners of our home, so we made them beautiful, touching on great classics.  This traditional object now adds a touch of color and fun to our surroundings.

Besides being of an original design, Safe-T is also a high-quality fire extinguisher made to swiftly address the initial stages of domestic fires.  It is manufactured in Belgium in accordance with strict CE and EN 3-8 safety standards. Just as efficient as a traditional extinguisher but with a touch of added designer style!

With Safe-T, you have a decorative object that is both useful and beautiful. It no longer belongs under the sink or in the cellar but in full view for you to enjoy.

Our U.S. office is in South Florida.  All products ship UPS Ground from the Sunshine State.