Design Fire Blanket - Wine - SAFE-T.US


"We all need them, why not make them beautiful and reachable?" is where it all started...


Traditional fire extinguishers and fire blankets are unpopular, boring and ugly so we relegate them to the darkest corners of our homes or we just don't pay much attention to them. 60% of US households do not have any fire protection and the remaining 40% are not always sure where they are. Is it in the garage? Is it still charged? We also know that fires double every 30 seconds and home fires cause $8.4 billion in property damage every year...


Make a product so beautiful, we'll keep them in plain sight, ready to be used when seconds count! CHIC FIRE products are beautiful and elegant. They embellish interiors touching on universal themes we all love. They are proudly exhibited in kitchens all over the world, in our personal living spaces, instantly reachable in the case of a fire! While we hope to never use them, we can enjoy them every day!


Safe-T started 10 years ago in Belgium and CHIC FIRE launched in 2023
with the first ever high-end Design Fire Blanket, a World Premiere!

Our U.S. office is in South Florida.  All products ship from the
Sunshine State.

Any question? Let us know!