Fire Blankets made to be exposed!

Highly accessible when seconds count + beautiful home décor pieces.
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We all need fire protection.  Why not make them beautiful?

Home fires account for 12.3 billion in property damages and 2870 lives lost every year. A Fire Blanket is the simplest and most straightforward fire protection available: light, small, effective, and clean.  Everyone agrees it is a good idea to have a fire blanket close by yet, 40% of US households do not have any fire protection in their homes. 

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of home fires start in the kitchen!

Fire blanket

Fire blankets should be placed in a location where it will be easy to access in case of fire

Cooking hobs

cooking hobs are the most likely places to trigger fires due to hot liquids

How does it work?

Easy access

Place your fire blanket in a readily accessible location

Pull to remove the blanket

A gentle tug opens the magnetic flap. The blanket instantly drops

Use as a shield

Cover the burning material completely and leave until cool

Design Fire Blanket - Whisky - SAFE-T.US


CHIC Design Fire Blankets are of the highest quality material available.

  • Box size: 10 x 9.25 in
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Blanket size: 1.2M x 1.2M
  • Made from heavyweight, flame-retardant 100% fiberglass with 550°C-1022°F resistance
  • CE 0029 and BS-EN 1869:2019
  • Non absestos

Technical Consideration: we selected the 1.2M size because it is the easiest surface to handle by the widest amount of people and is large enough to smother the onset of a fire. We also purposefully did not opt for silicone-coated blankets.  Even if they are smoother to handle, the heat resistance is inferior. In CHIC, we use a high-grade fiberglass fire resistant fabric, which should strictly be used to smother a fire.

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