What is Design Fire Protection?

Design Fire Protection is the combination of function and aesthetic, also known as functional beauty.  We use best in class, certified products, and dress them so beautifully they become part of home designs. 
Our products are clearly more about the design than the function...
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How long will they work and what is the warranty?

  • Our fire extinguishers are made to operate for 10 years and are guaranteed for 5. Validity date can be found at the bottom of the extinguisher.  They must hold pressure to be functional.  If yours is below the green zone, contact us immediately.
  • Design Fire Blankets do not have a specific expiration date.  Industry standards call for a replacement after 7 years or if the blanket shows signs of deterioration.  Guaranteed defect-free 1 year after purchase.

Do they meet any safety standards?

  • Our fire extinguishers are CE0029 and Apragaz certified. They are manufactured according to strict EN3 standards and follow the Consumer Product Safety Commission safety guidelines. Most fire extinguishers are UL certified (US certification). They bear instructions for use on the bottle. Ours are European certified and instructions are on the bottom of the bottle. They are not UL certified.
  • CHIC Fire Blankets are made from heavyweight, flame-retardant fiberglass, built per the strict CE and BS-EN 1869:2019 norms.

What is different between the extinguisher and/or the fire blanket I have at home?

Style! Including plungers, they are probably the most boring objects anyone must have.  Likely red and dusty, with ugly white markings, they are typically relegated to some dark corners.  Including Design Fire Protection in our everyday environment has a unique advantage; we make them part of our conscious and subconscious knowledge so if the time comes, we know where they are.  You enjoy them every day, you know where they are, which can save precious seconds!

Can a Design Fire Extinguisher replace a traditional extinguisher?

Our extinguishers are certified and manufactured with the highest safety and quality standards. Nevertheless, always use a UL certified fire extinguisher when required. Our extinguishers are consumer products to be used in haystacks where you know where all the needles are. They should not be used in public places where they can be confused with other objects.

Can a Design Fire Blanket replace a traditional fire blanket?

Yes, CHIC Fire Blankets are certified and manufactured with the highest safety and quality standards as well.  They meet all the standards needed to be used in any setting.

Who manufactures your products?

  • SAFE-T is manufactured by SICLI S.A., the uncontested Belgian leader in fire extinguishers manufacturing and production. SICLI boasts 100 years of experience.  Some parts are custom made just for us.
  • CHIC Fire Blankets are created in the USA, designed in Belgium, and made in China by a BSCI, TUV and ISO9001 certified company.

What is the fire extinguisher classification?

They are ABC extinguishers made to tackle the initial stages of a fire. ABC means:
A: Ordinary solid combustibles made out of organic materials: wood, paper, textiles, PVC, tires.
B: Flammable liquids and gases: oil, grease, paint, petrol, and varnish.
C: Energized electrical equipment.
The fire extinguishing powder (mono-ammonium phosphate) is a non-flammable (duh!), non-toxic inert salt.

Can I return my product?

Because the product is Hazmat, shipping it requires meeting strict DOT guidelines. Taking products back is costly and difficult. Please bombard us with every question possible prior as we cannot credit a product that is damaged in transit back to us.

Unopened CHIC Fire Blankets can be returned.

Why do people buy Design Fire Protection?

The majority buy them as gifts because they are so unique, unexpected and thoughtful.

  • A clever housewarming gift.
  • Realtors and mortgage brokers use them as closing gifts. Clever realtors add their credentials at the bottom.
  • Interior Designers use them to add a touch of class, and uniqueness in home decors.

Do you offer other sizes?

We only have one size, about the same as a bottle of wine, ideal to be exposed in your kitchen or as a unique home decor piece. 

Can the fire extinguishers be recharged?

Yes.  Since they are made in Europe, not all service providers in the USA agree to recharge them. 

Did I read nitrogen compressed?

Yes, just like the air we breathe (78% nitrogen), extinguishers are pressurized using nitrogen to avoid moisture build-up over the years. The steel canister is 2mm thick (very strong) and pressurized between 10 and 25 bars to work properly.  Any pressure above 10 bars is considered adequate, even if beyond the green zone.

How are they delivered?
Extinguishers come in a beautiful black tubular wrapper, the same as priceless bottles of whisky. 


Do you do CUSTOM models?

Yes. Contact us to discuss your project.
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  • Call: 561-843-1428 (Eastern Time)

We are typically very reactive!