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What is SAFE-T?
SAFE-T is a stylish Designer Fire Extinguisher that combines function and design.

How long can SAFE-T work?

Made to operate for 10 years. Validity date on the bottom of the extinguisher.

Does SAFE-T meet certain safety standards?
SAFE-T is CE 0029 certified and manufactured according to strict EN3 standards. Also Apragaz certified, a third-party certifier.

What is different from the extinguisher I have at home?
Style! Your (boring) fire extinguisher at home is most likely red with a dusty tag and white markings. Not ready for your kitchen table anytime soon! Even if the Consumer Product Safety Commission does not mandate any federal certification, official fire extinguishers are typically UL certified because they bear instructions for use on the bottle. Our instructions are at the bottom of the bottle.

Can SAFE-T replace my traditional extinguisher?
SAFE-T is manufactured with the highest safety and quality standards. Nevertheless, you should ALWAYS use an official UL certified fire extinguisher in the case of fire or when a UL certified extinguisher is required.

Who manufactures SAFE-T?
SAFE-T is manufactured by SICLI S.A., the uncontested Belgian leader in fire extinguishers manufacturing and production. SICLI boasts 85 years of experience.  Some parts are custom made just for us.

When can I use my SAFE-T and what is the classification?
SAFE-T is an ABC, nitrogen compressed, extinguisher made to tackle the initial stages of a fire.  ABC means: 
A: Ordinary solid combustibles made out of organic materials: wood, paper, textiles, PVC, tires.
B: Flammable liquids and gases: oil, grease, paint, petrol, and varnish.
C: Energized electrical equipment.
The fire extinguishing powder (monoammonium phosphate) is non-flammable (duh!) and non-toxic.

How long is SAFE-T guaranteed?
5-year technical guarantee, based on your purchase date.

Can I return my SAFE-T product?
Yes you can within 30 days of purchase.  Because the product is Hazmat, shipping it requires meeting strict DOT guidelines.  Taking products back is costly and difficult. Please bombard us with every question possible prior!

Why do people buy SAFE-T?
80% use SAFE-T as a gift because it is so unique and lasts so long.

-Housewarming gift: clever and thoughtful, get your camera ready. No one ever expects it!
-Realtors and mortgage brokers use it a closing gift. Some add their credentials to the back as a smart way to keep their name readily available for years to come.
-Interior Designers place SAFE-T to add a touch of class, safety and uniqueness.
Do we make other sizes?

SAFE-T is 2.2Lb or 1Kg.  It is approximately the same size as a bottle of wine, an ideal size to be exposed in your kitchen or as a piece of unexpected home decor.  We do not make any other size.

Can they be recharged?

Yes they can. Since SAFE-T is made in Europe, not all service providers agree to recharge them.  If you use SAFE-T in the case of a fire, send it back to us and we will replace it free of charge (with the same or a comparable model if your particular design is no longer available).

How is it delivered?
The extinguisher comes inserted into a beautiful high-end black tubular wrapper, the same as a priceless bottle of whisky!

How do I reach you?

Simply fill a form on the Contact us page or call us at 561-843-1428 or email us at We are typically very reactive!