Beauty and function: the unfair advantage

Beauty and function: the unfair advantage

The advantage of offering functional beauty

Can something be both beautiful and useful? What is the difference between a useful tool and a work of art? Is there any benefit to making a useful thing beautiful? The more you think about these questions the more you will realize just how hard it is to answer them. It is easy to decide whether something is functional. But, whether a functional object can or should be beautiful is much harder to figure out. So, since we pride ourselves on offering functional beauty, let us not dilly dally, and let's start answering these questions straight away.

Why are we offering functional beauty?

Functional beauty is the concept of giving functional items a touch of beauty. It means making our everyday lives a bit brighter by beautifying what we see and use every day. Now, if this concept seems a bit abstract or superfluous to you, you will soon realize that it is neither.

Why is beauty important

Does a functional item need to be beautiful? If you think in strictly materialistic, mechanic terms, there is no need to make anything beautiful. Every car has the same performance regardless of its color. Every cake will have the same taste, no matter what decorations we put on it. But, is it really the experience we prefer?  Do you only go to the restaurant when you do not want to cook?

Beauty is quite important to us as humans. There is a good reason why we put so much value in art and decor. Without beauty, our lives would be robbed of joy to our soul. We would have nothing to help us express our emotions and better understand them. Overall, our lives would be quite liveable, but not worth living. This is precisely why we are offering functional beauty.

Beauty without function

Art is often without any function. In fact, not all artists are open to the combination of beauty and functionality. We believe beauty without function is perfectly fine, common and expected. Yet, adding a layer of function on top is the icing on the cake, an extra bonus, the additional twist.

Just as you can find the ideal moving professionals in NY that can help you with your exact situation, you too can find functional beauty in everyday items. If you have not found it, keep looking and refrain from sacrificing either.

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