The key to a thoughtful housewarming gift

The key to a thoughtful housewarming gift

So, one of your friends has moved into a new home! This is a joyous thing and an incredibly happy time for them! However, this means that there’ll be a housewarming party soon and you’ll have to show up with a proper gift. The key to a thoughtful housewarming gift is time, creativity and purpose. This is why we’ve made a useful guide to help you find the perfect present which will impress your host and put all other housewarming gifts to shame! So, before you choose, read our guide.

Invest time

Mostly, housewarming shopping involves forgetting about it until the very last day, at which point you’ll go out and get something just so you don’t show up empty-handed. This is not how you should go about it if you want to get an awesome gift. No perfect gift gets bought with no time to plan and browse! So, start your buying process by planning and searching for the perfect thing. Visit as many gift shops as you can, or look for the perfect gift online.  

Purchasing the perfect gift takes time. Don’t rush it.


Be smart, not emotional

After you’ve spent some time browsing and researching, it’s time to choose the best gift. When picking a good housewarming gift, you’ll want to focus on what the person you’re buying it for might want. Don’t go for a movie poster you’ve always wanted or that new chopping board you need. The key to a thoughtful housewarming gift is fitting the present to the recipient, not to the buyer. Well, when we say it like this, it kinda sounds obvious.

Get useful items

When you’re deciding which present to choose, keep in mind that moving into a new home is not cheap. Apart from paying the movers, they’ll probably need to repaint and furnish the house. Finally, they’ll throw a housewarming party, which can also turn out costly. When you add all of this up, you get a pretty hefty bill. So, you can choose to make your housewarming gift something useful and pretty. A set of wine glasses or kitchen knives usually works well, but if you know something your friends really need in their own home - go for it! What you should be going for is functional beauty. Don’t give up looks for usefulness, but also, don’t get something pretty with no other purpose than to be pretty.

Getting a useful gift is never a bad idea.


Be creative

The real key to buying a thoughtful housewarming gift is creativity. Unfortunately, not all of us are creative, and not all of us are creative in the same ways. So, even the most creative artist in the world might face the same issues you do when they are buying housewarming gifts for their friends. Luckily, we have a solution for you! Nothing says creativity as a Salvador Dali fire extinguisher! Besides, getting something your friends might need and combining it with awesome looks is the surest way of impressing them and everyone else at the party. This is why innovative and good-looking fire extinguishers make amazing housewarming gifts!

Add a personal touch

When you’re buying someone a gift, you should put a bit of yourself in the gift. Giving a present your personal touch will show your friends that you went the extra mile. In addition to this, every time they look at it, they will remember you! All of this is just a bonus though, as the main reason you should do it is to give the best gift out there. Your personal touch should be tasteful and can include something only you and your friends know. Or, you can provide a gift very specific to you. If you know how to make cool stuff, that is perfect, as you can literally produce your awesome personal gift.

Don’t overdo it, though

In some cases, you won’t know the people inviting you to a housewarming party. You won’t be able to get the perfect personal gift for your neighbors who just moved in since you don’t know them that well. So, in these situations, the key to a thoughtful housewarming gift is to know when to put maximum effort and when to accept there’s nothing you can do and go for one of the more stereotypical gifts like flowers or a bottle of wine.

Avoid stereotypes

The afterlife is already full of dead plants that were housewarming gifts, so you don’t need to add more. If you really want to get a thoughtful gift, you’ll want to put some though in it, not get what everyone’s seen a thousand times over. So, make sure you avoid plants, pets and generally things that require effort to keep alive. Stick to good old inanimate objects as your hosts can simply get rid of them if they don’t like them. Also, you won’t be that guy who brought a plant like in every housewarming movie scene ever.

Don’t be one of those guys who get the plant, unless you’re absolutely sure they’re going to like it.

The key to receiving a good housewarming gift

Make sure that you’re direct and open if you want to get the best housewarming gifts. Especially if you’re looking for something which doesn’t fit to your new location. So, if you’re throwing a housewarming party for your local relocation in Florida do not expect to get snow shoes unless you specifically ask for them. In addition to this, remember not to force your friends to get you anything in particular - this isn’t a wedding, after all. Just mention what you might need and what you might want and leave the choice to them. Additionally, it’s better to receive something you never wanted or can't use than one more nightmarish plant you’ll need to take care of.

Make everyone feel welcome at your housewarming party and you won’t need to worry about the gifts you received.


As you can see, getting the perfect housewarming gift is not that difficult. Put in the time and it’s easy to get the best possible solution. If you’re looking to purchase a useful and pretty item, check out our offer of amazing and safe fire extinguishers on

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