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Design Fire Extinguishers are already unexpected. We took it one step further, asking local artists to create one-of-a-kind artistic works.  Every piece is unique and the majority of the proceeds go to the artists.  If a model below is sold out, we can commission the artist(s) and provide additional guidance for tones and colors.


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Brass - SAFE-T.USBrass - SAFE-T.US
Brass Sale price$249
Chrome - SAFE-T.USChrome - SAFE-T.US
Chrome Sale price$249
Copper - SAFE-T.USCopper - SAFE-T.US
Copper Sale price$249
Hemp by Sophie - SAFE-T.USHemp by Sophie - SAFE-T.US
Hemp by Sophie Sale price$249
Starry Night by Sophie - SAFE-T.USStarry Night by Sophie - SAFE-T.US
Starry Night by Sophie Sale price$249
4th of July by Juliette - SAFE-T.US4th of July by Juliette - SAFE-T.US
Beau Rose by Juliette - SAFE-T.USBeau Rose by Juliette - SAFE-T.US
Beau Rose by Juliette Sale price$249
Blue Drip by Juliette - SAFE-T.USBlue Drip by Juliette - SAFE-T.US
Blue Drip by Juliette Sale price$249
Bluehoo by Juliette - SAFE-T.USBluehoo by Juliette - SAFE-T.US
Bluehoo by Juliette Sale price$249
Hazy Green by Juliette - SAFE-T.USHazy Green by Juliette - SAFE-T.US
Hazy Green by Juliette Sale price$249
La Guna by Juliette - SAFE-T.USLa Guna by Juliette - SAFE-T.US
La Guna by Juliette Sale price$249
Lavender Spirit by Juliette - SAFE-T.USLavender Spirit by Juliette - SAFE-T.US
Plasma by Juliette - SAFE-T.USPlasma by Juliette - SAFE-T.US
Plasma by Juliette Sale price$249